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Welcome to the website of London Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Conservative Party in the capital. London CF is a dynamic and exciting organisation that works alongside politicians like the Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson to ensure that young people are heard.

London CF were National Excellence Award Winners 2010/2011, runners-up in 2012/2013 and Conservative Policy Forum Director's Award Winners 2012.

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Friday, 13 March, 2015
Tonight, Kensington selects their candidate to be the next MP for the area. It is expected to be a fascinating contest between 3 very able candidates. The shortlisted candidates are: Charlotte Vere, Victoria Borwick and Shaun Bailey

Local News

Writing for the think tank Parliament Street, Luke Springthorpe explains how next...
The Head of the London CF Policy Forum, Josh Boyle, has authored a piece for the...
London is one of the most exciting and technologically aware cities in the world....

National News

In less than 24 hours polls open across the country. Vote Conservative to secure a brighter, better future. SHARE to let friends know.
Ahead of tonight's final #LeadersDebate on BBC Scotland at 8pm, here are the facts of the Scottish Parliament election. The SNP are set to win...
New figures show that crime in England and Wales has fallen by 32% since 2010, to its lowest level ever. By continuing to cut crime, Conservatives...

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